Healing with Nutrition

Sometimes we need to 'Press Pause' for a moment and re-evaluate where we are in life. Our health and happiness can often fall by the wayside as we navigate a busy and often stressful world. It's important to take a moment for ourselves to listen to our bodies and consider the food choices we make on a daily basis. Learning about the healing powers of fruits, vegetables, herbs, & leafy greens and how to prepare meals that incorporate these foods into your life in a major way can be an important first step in reclaiming your health and energy.

 It can be challenging to balance eating well with other life responsibilities. We are here to offer guidance, support, and encouragement in making food choices that are right for you and your situation. Everyone is unique and we work one on one with our clients to create meal plans that address specific health issues, stabilize weight & increase energy. If you or a loved one are struggling with any of the following issues please book a consultation today to get onto the path of healing through nutrition

    • Fatigue & fluctuating Energy

      Weight Management

      Brain Fog issues

      Digestive health issues

    • Sleep issues

      Chronic aches & pains


      Skin conditions

    • Painful menstrual cycles

      Women 40+ menopause symptom

      Dry brittle hair & hair loss

      Mystery symptoms after Covid

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    • Initial Consultation

      During your initial consultation we will speak at length about current issues, symptoms, and concerns and go through our intake form together. We will also discuss your current mindset around eating, nutrition goals, and carve out a path for moving forward.

    • Tailored Nutrition Plan

      We will work with you to design a tailored nutrition plan that addresses specific health concerns and nutrition goals. This will involve identifying foods to add into your diet and foods that need to be reduced or eliminated altogether.

    • Customized meal plans for individuals

      Custom meal plan designed for your specific situation and health goals and is based on the foods to include/reduce or eliminate from your Nutrition Plan. Takes the guesswork out of choosing recipes and putting together grocery lists for a faster route to healing.

    • Meal planning for couples & families

      Custom meal plan designed for couples and families, taking into account the nutritional needs of each family member. Excellent option for busy mom’s who need support in preparing nutritious, healing meals for their children.

    • Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet

      Support & guidance for those who are interested in transitioning to a plant based diet. Learn about the incredible healing qualities of the fruits and vegetables that are so often taken for granted and how to incorporate them into your diet while paring down and/or eliminating animal based products

    • Plant based on a budget

      Eating plant based meals, particularly organic fruits and vegetables, can be expensive. Get a custom recipe and grocery shopping list to help you plan meals that don’t break the bank, while keeping you nourished and on pointe with your Nutrition Plan

    • Break addictions to sugar, caffeine & junk food

      Ongoing support to help manage the transition away from the addictive sweeteners, caffeine, and fast food that can creep into our lives on a daily basis

    • Nutritional support for chronic illness

      If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic condition, we can offer support and guidance on improving your diet and getting the nutrition you need to heal

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