About Me


I am a Holistic Nutritionist & Artist based in Toronto with a focus on helping others to heal with Plant based nutrition. 

Ever since I was in my teens, my own health journey led me to study nutrition and the impact food has on the body. I always intuitively sensed that the fresh fruits and vegetables I saw heaped in colourful piles in the produce section of my local grocery store held the key to healing from health issues I had suffered from since childhood. I later learned through my studies at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, exactly why these fresh, whole foods made me feel so amazing while packaged, processed & fatty, salty foods left me feeling so depleted and de-energized.

Everyday I still marvel at how beautiful a sliced kiwi is or how delightful the smell of a freshly peeled tangerine can be. I realize each meal I prepare has the power to help me heal and I am thoughtful and deliberate with every bite, knowing that I can choose the most healing ingredients for my body, mind & soul. I've been on an incredible health journey. Armed with a countertop full of fruits, vegetables & greens, my juicer, my medical medium book collection, and a healthy dose of gratitude and curiosity,  I want to share the ways I've healed with others so they can too. 

As an Artist, I am inspired to create pieces that express my gratitude for the healing power of the fruits, vegetables, herbs, & leafy greens that nourish, cleanse, and heal our bodies from within.